Return / Exchange Policy

Our girdles are for intimate use. We recommend verifying your size very well before placing orders or purchases.

Without exclusions we do not make money refunds. For changes of our garments, the guarantee is 90 days, only on occasions in which the clasp is damaged, the closure or zipper or the perforated fabric (defect in the fabric due to manufacturing). The closures have a 30-day guarantee.

The girdle must be returned in its original totally clean packaging.

The other concepts of possible changes have a guarantee of 2 days for repairs.

Recommendations for the Use of Ann Michell Garments

We recommend not leaving the garments exposed to the sun for a long time, the first day the maximum use is 6 hours.

Each time the garment is removed, we recommend leaving it fully stretched or open to prevent sweat from damaging it.

If you have any discomfort when wearing our garments, discontinue use immediately and consult your doctor.